KnockBox "Black bean"

NutC NutC Julia Kononenko
An ergonomic, minimalistic knock box (informally known as a «bash bin» or «coffee column») is a device used to store spent espresso grounds, called a puck, after a shot of espresso has been pulled.
This model is not only sturdy and convenient to use, but also has an original design. Highlight of the knock box from CoffeeStyle is a stylish base made of solid oak wood. Removable knock bar with rubber cover prevent noise while knocking out the coffee pucks. Non-scratch rubber feet of the knock box avoid it’s slipping on the counter and absorb the impact of the portafilter. The combination of metal and wood is often found in modern interiors of coffee houses and in the decoration of coffee machines, so this knock box will be an excellent complement to both the interior and the auxiliary equipment of Barista.
Design: Studio "Kononenko ID "
Photo: Andrii Podorozhnyi (Urban Art Film)
Manufacturer: CoffeeStyle 

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