Here is a new product of lamp family «NUT C»  - graceful and tender wall sconce, designed by our studio. It is a scone lamp that's up to the task of lightning special part of the room. It is so important to have a proper light during resting. Wall sconce "Nut W" can be a perfect completion of home design, especially bedroom. Warm colors of the lamp make you feel cozy and calm. Ashwood and aluminum make the scone so stylish and contemporary.


lacquered ash, aluminum tube, E26 or E27

Dimensions, in/mm

10,4h х 3,94d / 415h х 100d

Weight, lb/gr


Delivery price: upon the request 

Production time: 3 weeks

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14 Jun


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  Pendant lamp "Lier sun" are based on a simple tube shape. Due to the interlacing of rattan, an unusual texture is created, through which the light hardly penetrates the sides, like small rays of the sun. The main stream of light rushes down. The luminaire is created as an additional light to the main sources, it will be appropriate for highlighting the bar areas, in cafes and restaurants, and also above the bedside tables in the bedrooms. Especially well the lamps will look in a group of 5 or more pieces, suspended at different heights, like a string of lianas in the rainforest.

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12 Mar

Cozy Leaf

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  New lounge chair for public and private interiors "Cozy Leaf". Wooden base with broken surfaces, rectangular legs with geometric transitions. And a refined soft part with a large seat. A complex form is wrapped in minimalism. Like a dropping leaf from the kidney on a tree branch, it envelops the person sitting in it, creating a sense of security and privacy. The wood of neutral color and the fabric of pastel colors will successfully blend in modern interiors, the chair will join the existing space and become one with it. The chair has three color schemes and is equipped with a pillow for the back.
Design Kononenko ID

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11 Mar


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  Flower pot Origami - consists of several planes made of natural wood joined together in the form of triangles and rectangles, as if made of paper, they serve as a frame of a square hermetic container for plants. The pot has slots for easy carrying. Small legs painted in one color with a container give it weightlessness, forcing to soar above the surface. Origami is well suited to modern private interiors and also to public spaces. Especially great it will look in the office environment.
Design: Studio "Kononenko ID "
Photo: Andrii Podorozhnyi (Urban Art Film)
Manufacturer: ОК Brand

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