Rug Black circle

black circle black circle Julia Kononenko
"The "Black Circle" rug has a profound meaning that prompts contemplation on the incomparable beauty and power of nature. The circular shape of the rug symbolizes infinity, and its minimalist design, composed of different shades of gray, white, and black, gives it a resemblance to a plowed field of black soil, where each line and contour is the soul of Ukrainian land. The curved lines that emanate from the central axis and spread in different directions create the impression of movement, as if the wind is dancing on the field, gathering energy from the earth and carrying it far away. An ideal accent for a living room or bedroom, the "Black Circle" is a perfect addition to modern minimalist interiors. It will complement any furniture and help create an atmosphere of peace and harmony in the home."

Size 180X180 cm.
The carpet is jacquard 100% polypropylene.
Design: Kononenko ID
Photo: Valeriy Riyako
Designed for ZALI Furniture

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