TRAPEZA collection is a tribute to the tradition of shared meal, which brings family and friends together for an atmospheric dinner, a warm lunch, a friendly game or a festive celebration. TRAPEZA is about the tradition expressed through rethinking of geometric shapes as a way to give a table as a piece of furniture its distinct expressiveness and maximum consonance with its main purpose - to gather together around itself.
 Each table of the collection has a complex geometric leg, which is based on the shape of an isosceles trapezoid. The monolithic leg of a dining table consists of 5, and in coffee tables of 3 separate trapezoids connected in a circle. It is due to this connection that a beautiful fracture of the form and transitions throughout the base are created.
Form, aesthetics and function find their maximum expression in this table - a wide, stable base and a flat table top with no sharp corners, perfectly combined, complement the harmonious silhouette of a modern space.
The dining table is presented in two versions - round, in different diameters, and oval for a  big family gathering. For a spacious seating area in the living room, you can choose a large coffee table. And the peculiarity of the high side table is that it can easily be used as a bedside table, as it has the required height and a small tabletop.
The main colors of the collection are natural oak and walnut, which add warmth and balance to the Collection’s expressive aesthetics that catches the eye.

Design for Maiimo
Design: Kononenko ID

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