Coffee Roasting Machine Cogen

Cogen roaster Cogen roaster Julia Kononenko
The project started in 2018, when the first sketches were made. Pure minimalism, broken lines of panels and restrained accents. We wanted to get away from the retro look of the wood-burning stove, which is used by other. Then the engineers spent a two years of building a working prototype and then one year of testing. This is the first "professional" gas-fired Ukrainian roster. In terms of its functional characteristics, it is on a par with the world's top brands. It is a great honor for us to be involved in such a significant project.
Cogen - coffee and generation. This naming received the first roaster from wonderful guys who are at the forefront of Ukrainian coffee culture.

Design: Kononenko ID
Manufacturer: Cogen company
Visualization: Lightflow
Ukraine. 2021.

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