Rug Pristine

Pristine rug Pristine rug Julia Kononenko
The complex art pattern on the carpet, paint spots, ornaments, all this creates the effect of modern painting. This is our reading of rugs, our style. We really appreciate and love abstraction, which is exactly what we wanted to convey in the Pristine design. You can see the outline of the earth, as well as the water that runs along the entire carpet and divides it into two parts, the water flows rapidly, everything is like in the past and present. Stylized leash stones emphasize those elements of nature that were many centuries ago and remain unchanged no matter what. Such a desire to show something durable through abstraction. Something that does not change despite the challenges of recent years, where everything has suddenly become unpredictable and is only now partially returning.
A very practical rug that does not fade and is easy to clean, as well as repels liquids, which becomes simply irreplaceable in modern realities.

Size 180X230 cm.
The carpet is jacquard 100% polypropylene.
Design: Kononenko ID
Photo: Valeriy Riyako
Designed for ZALI Furniture

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