Dnipro coffee table Dnipro coffee table Julia Kononenko
"Dnipro" coffee table designed for Ceramika Design. 
The base of the table is a smooth mass-produced shape, and the table tops are created by hand on a potter's wheel. This is a combination of industrial production and pottery handicraft work - in one product. The table top resembles ripples on the water, which diverge from the handle, hence the name in honor of the most important river in Ukraine - "Dnipro".
Connects the parts of the table with a metal rod, which comes out to the outside and ends with an elegant handle in the shape of a cross, which allows you to carry the table if necessary.
The table is ideal for living rooms, for loggias, and as a replacement for a bedside table in a bedroom.

Design: Kononenko ID
Photo: Valeriy Riyako
Manufacturer: Ceramika Design



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