Bird feeder "Maverick"

Bird feeder "Maverick" Bird feeder "Maverick" Julia Kononenko
While creating items for Brand Ceramika Design
we paid attention to the rings used in the technological process. They are used when firing clay in kilns, and at the end of the process they are disposed of. Considering that the reserves of this clay are limited, we thought about extending the life of these elements. We wanted to create a useful thing out of this. This is how a feeder for wild birds appeared. The feeder consists of four materials: ceramic, wood, metal, and plastic linings. In case of damage it can be easily disposed of in parts, and some elements can be reused. The object is created in the style of minimalism and will be a cool addition to landscape design, and can also please the eye outside the window on the balcony.
If you live in the northern hemisphere, remember that in winter birds do not have enough food and they often rush to cities in search of food, in the absence of food they quickly die.

Photo by Valery Riyako
Designed for the Ceramika Design
Year of creation 2020


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