Boho plants

Boho plants Boho plants Julia Kononenko

Despite the fact that mainly monochromatic and muted tones prevail in our interiors, sometimes you want to bring a bright accent to them, filled with carelessness and bold colors. My solution to this issue came through my passion for watercolors and the collection of autumn dried flowers. All this merged into patterns on the fabrics. Autumn stylized leaves, dried flowers of Ukraine and geometric arches are combined into an artistic composition on a duvet cover. This linen will make your bed the dominant feature of the entire bedroom interior. Pillowcases from this collection come in two types - on a deep dark gray background and on a delicate beige. The patterns are applied to the fabric at a textile factory, in accordance with the production and quality standards for this process. Satin was chosen as the basis for the set; it is one of the best materials for bedding.

Photo by Valery Riyako
Designed for the Svoyeridne  
Year of creation 2020


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