Julia Kononenko


Kononenko ID - studio was founded in 2012, in Ukraine by Julia Kononenko and Kravchenko Artem. In 2015, the studio, having opened a branch in Poland, thereby expanded its creative activities, established cooperation with companies from Europe and other continents. At the moment the company operates in five areas:
- product design;
- furniture design;
- lighting design;
- illustrations;
- Interior design;
Our slogan "The art of transforming idea into a form!" is an ideology in the work. In projects, we invest our unique vision, trying to predict trends and a vector of general movement.
When we deal with the tasks set before us, in the design of objects, we strive to create not only an aesthetically attractive, beautiful and modern thing, we try to make it affordable.
Our mission, is the creation of objects for people, a mass attractive design, accessible to the middle class, design that causes consumer confidence.
Our style is a fusion, a mix of diverse. Our roots and our consciousness, combined with experience, do not fit's into the clear frames and boundaries of the generally recognized design directions, so we emphasize that we are creating our own unique things, our philosophy of the world. In the process of creating, we are looking for optimal solutions, thinking through the concept in small things, without seeking solutions in the references. Ask ourselves questions such as: "What if?" or "And how can we make it utilitarian, multifunctional." We do not create objects to find recognition among the colleagues, for us the person who will live with our design is more important, how he will interact with it

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